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General Informations

What is opinionnow?
Opinionnow is a consumer panel where you can express your view through different themes and at the same time earn money with it. You can be a part of it because your opinion is important for us! Our themes are new products, innovative advertisements, media etc.

How can I become a member of opinionnow?
See the button „Sign up“ above the navigation bar on the right? The button leads you to our registration form. We need some basic data like age and gender. After filling in we send you an email confirming your registration. With the link you can find there, you can activate your account. Without activation the registration is not finished.

Is the registration free?
Yes, everything is free at opinionnow. You do not need to pay any registration fee or membership fee. Quite the contrary, when you get an invitation and finish a survey completely, we pay you an incentive.

Why should I register with opinionnow?
You can earn money with your opinion! Furthermore, opinionnow gives you the opportunity to participate in developing new products or new advertisements.

Who owns this panel?
Opinionnow is owned by the German market research institute Untiedt Research. Founded in 1998, we are one of the pioneers of the German online market research. For further information click www.untiedt.de.

My Account

How can I change my e-mail address?
Please log in your account and in the tab “Personal data” choose the feature “Change e-mail address” from the left navigation bar. Please note that your new address will be send to us and we need to change it in your profile. After it is done we will send a message to your new e-mail account.
For security reasons this does not happen automatically.

How will opinionnow.co.uk handle my personal data?
All our surveys are subjected to the strict requirements of German laws of data protection. Your interview answers will not be analyzed in conjunction with your name and address. Your personal details will not be passed onto any third party. The clients get analyses of aggregated data like tables and charts without possibility to draw conclusions from this data to individuals. Furthermore, all interviews are subjected to the rules of German law about data privacy and the rules about data privacy defined by BVM und ADM.

How can I delete my account?
Every member has the right to terminate his/her membership anytime. For this purpose use the feature “Terminate membership” from tab “Personal data” in your account.

Is my membership with opinionnow.co.uk limited in time?
No. But we reserve the right to delete your data from our database after a certain number of invitations without reaction.

How can I log in?
To log in your account use the button from top navigation bar. Your username is your e-mail address and the password can be chosen during registration process. In your account you can change your personal data, terminate your membership or slightly control how many credits you have earned so far.


Which kind of incentive will I get?
For every completed survey you will get credits. Their amount differs from length of the interview and from specified target group as well. In each invitation we state the credit’s amount to earn for the specific survey.
Please note that the credits are valid for 2 years.

What can I do with the credits? Against what can I exchange those credits?
After you have reached your payout minimum you can e. g. order money via PayPal or an online voucher for your purchases. Payout minimum and possibilities are country specific. Actual conditions and payouts you can see in your account in the tab “Credits”.

When will I get my payout?
At the next friday following to your payout request.

Can I withdraw my credits although I have not reached payout minimum?
No. There is no such option.

How much can I earn with one survey?
It depends on length and kind of survey. Usually you can expect between 500 credits for 5-8 minutes and up to 3000 for 30 minutes length of survey.

Will I get more credits when I needed more time to fill in the questionnaire as indicated in the invitation?
No. With the invitation, we inform you about the anticipated time needed to fill in the questionnaire. We test the length of survey with an internal pretest before we send invitations. Of course, the actually required time differs from person to person. In any case opinionnow.co.uk transfers the previously indicated credits only.

How much money will I earn every month by participating in surveys?
Therefore we cannot guarantee a certain number of surveys per month, we cannot tell you anything about earnings. Participating in surveys is in no way an important source of income. We organize the invitations in a rolling system to make sure that every member gets his/her chance.For methodological reasons it is important for us and our clients that we ask average consumer and no professional tester.

I do not own a PayPal account. What should I do?
There are following possibilities:
1. You can sign up with PayPal using the same e-mail address you have in our panel.
2. Wait until you get a message from PayPal that you received money from opinionnow. You will get this message after you have requested your first PayPal payout.
3. If relevant: order a voucher from our shop.

What does a PayPal account cost?
Nothing. PayPal accounts are free. The opening as well as the account management is free of charge. You can use the PayPal account to transfer money to your bank account or to pay your online purchases.

Participation in Surveys

How often will I participate in surveys?
It depends on several factors. First, your socio-demographic data (gender, age, residence, children in household, … ) is important. Second, the number of our customer’s orders influences the number of surveys.

When I get an invitation to a survey: how much time do I have to participate?
Usually 3 – 14 days. But it is possible, however, that we need only a few participants or that we get more and quicker feedback as expected. Then the study may be closed the following day. It would be wise to answer as quickly as possible when you are interested to participate definitely.

Why am I receiving every now and again the information that quota for my profile is already full?
Sometimes we search for more than one target group in one survey. Unfortunately, we cannot ask all your characteristics and consumption habits in our registration form. This would cost too much time and, anyhow, consumption habits may change with the time. This is why we check at the beginning of every survey if the interviewee fits to our needs for this survey.
Even if you fit, it may happen that others with the same profile have been a little faster than you and then the system closes the quota for this profile just in this second you answer the crucial question.Another option is that the whole survey closes in exactly this second you start answering it. This happens when you react too late so that others have time to use their chance.