Opinionnow is offered by Untiedt Research GmbH. Untiedt Research / opinionnow raise data for market research. Interested persons can join the opinionnow panel by signing our registration form.

1. With the registration at opinionnow the person consents in participating in opinionnow surveys.
2. The registered member is not obliged to participate in any survey. With every invitation the members are free to decide whether they will participate or not.
3. The membership with opinionnow can be terminated at anytime without giving reasons. The registered member has to accept that he/she will still be invited to tests within an appropriate period of processing.
4. The log-in allows permanent access to individual member account at opinionnow. Here the registered member can change his/her saved data or can delete the account. After finishing the registration, the new member gets his/her individual access data.
5. The member has neither an entitlement to participate in particular surveys nor to participate at a certain number of surveys. The number of invitations depends on the number of incoming orders at opinionnow and on the socio-demographic profile of the member. Moreover, no claim can be made on the registration at opinionnow.
6. For quality reasons, opinionnow accepts only one registration per e-mail-address.
7. It is not allowed to set up several accounts by using different e-mail-addresses. Each person can register only once. Opinionnow reserves the right to delete duplicates and exclude them from further registrations. There is no right to restore a closed account.
8. Every member can participate only once in every survey. This also applies if the member gets several invitations for the same survey.
9. Members who repeatedly try to illegally participate several times in a survey can be blocked by opinionnow from participating in future surveys. It is not possible to withdraw the blocking.
10. In case opinionnow blocks a member account for reasons associated with the members’ person (illegal double registration, knowingly false data provided on registration, multiple participation in surveys), all credit points collected at that date will get lost.
11. Before starting a survey, the member gets information about the expected length of interview and the remuneration. The length of interview is estimated by opinionnow because of internal pre-tests. The individual length may vary. Opinionnow gives in any case the previously stated credit points only, even if the individual length of interview differs considerably.
12. Only fully completed interviews will be credited. Relevant is the main survey and not the preliminary questions to screen the suitability for the main survey.
13. Opinionnow transfers the before stated remuneration to the members’ account. Remuneration is effected in credit points with a validity period of 2 years.
14. Payout of credits is possible as soon as the payout minimum is reached. Payout minimum and possibilities are country specific. Actual conditions and payouts are available at the member account (see tab “Credits”). Payout of smaller amounts is not possible.
15. Fails a payout due to incorrect information on the part of the tester, there is no claim to a new payment. Possible resulting fees have to be paid by the member.
16. In case a member terminates his/her membership he/she has the right to be paid out only when the credit amounts to the payout minimum. Smaller amounts forfeit.
17. Only registered members invited by opinionnow can participate in surveys. Persons who answer a survey without being registered or without expressed agreement of opinionnow will not be considered in analysis nor paid out.
18. Every survey has a deadline. Opinionnow reserves the right to ignore interviews answered after deadline has passed. These interviews will not be remunerated.
19. Persons working in market research, marketing and press are fundamentally excluded from all surveys.
20. Opinionnow does not pass address data to clients or third parties. Clients obtain aggregated analysis data such as tables or charts. Any inferences in respect of the persons providing the information are not possible. Furthermore, opinionnow acts to the rules of data protection defined by BVM and ADM.
21. With the registration with opinionnow the member consents to the collection, processing and use of the data for reasons of market and opinion research.
22. Opinionnow reserves the right to make all rights and obligations of membership accessible for single surveys to other market research institutes as far as this is not done to the disadvantage of the members. These institutes are not allowed to use the data collected from opinionnow members for other reasons than market and opinion research.
23. Opinionnow cooperates with other market research institutes. Therefore, registered members with opinionnow will be invited to surveys developed and conducted by these institutes. Remuneration is paid out in any case by opinionnow.
24. Opinionnow expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without separate announcement, or to discontinue publication temporarily or for good.
25. Insofar as individual provisions of these general rules are or become legally ineffective for any reason, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.